We come in peace

My dad immigrating to the United States was an experience at glance and it always captivated my eye on the gringo fence. Although he had to struggle, he went away to pursue a brighter future. Then it was my turn; I got the opportunity to experience the struggle of immigrating myself.

I moved to New York City and for a year I tried to integrate into the community. You know, I’ve met a lot of undocumented immigrants, working underpaid. Most were struggling, they were worried about their present condition, and most had no medical aid. It was the real deal. I’ve met some wonderful people surviving in that brick jungle. I was like them. We were all trying to overcome today in order to give ourselves and our loved ones a better life.

Most immigrants risk everything they owned to support this adventure to an unknown, promising land. To most, they had no choice but to gamble. They risked the chance of ever seeing their families again when they took the dangerous migrant route to achieve the American dream.

Undocumented immigrants need a stronger voice. It is their human right to have freedom. I created this project to communicate this message, a cry for freedom, for immigration rights. This project hopes that our voices resonate throughout the world to make an effective change in people’s hearts and elevate their conscience.

A todos los pueblos del mundo…

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